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Epoxy Wall Art - Tiger Eye

Exceptional Progress - NEW AND IMPROVED SCHEDULE!!


Our goal is to empower people through the expansion of knowledge. This course is a great way to continue that journey through our epoxy countertop training and concrete countertop training.  For those individuals who have mastered the use of epoxy systems on the floor can now bring there creative talents to the table top and above.  We will explore all the fun things that can be done with epoxy.


I have changed this class to three days to serve you better.  This class is an on-request semi-private training session following our regularly scheduled epoxy flooring class.  Now you will have more opportunities to continue your epoxy training and learn how to create exciting artwork and countertops.  This is all hands on and you must have a complete understanding of our epoxy systems prior to enrolling in this class.  An understanding of building / construction is an important pre-requisite as well since we will be starting off with raw materials.  Students will learn tips and tricks to create stunning one of a kind art all with flawless finishes.

As always, a healthy choice breakfast and lunch will be provided.  There is no manual for this class but you will be encouraged to take notes as we expand on your previous training.  Class will be scheduled from 9am to 5pm.  This is a relaxed hands-on experience with no book work, however there will be plenty of time for questions and note taking as we progress through each stage of our work until we present our completed projects. 

PLEASE NOTE: This course is only offered through this site.  Registration fee includes all materials for your specific project as well as breakfast and lunch.

Each class will be limited to a minimum about of  students so everyone will benefit from individual attention and training while completing their individual assignment.  Please sign up early.  Space is limited and fills quickly.  Don't delay!

"We often find that those who enroll for our programs are unaware of their own capabilities, and through this course and our others, we intend to change that".

Contact Robert today to get more information 800-914-3078.

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