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Blueprint Reading Course

Foundation for Success


During this one day class, held upon request, we will unroll and explain the confusing markings and symbols of a typical building blueprint.  As we explore the drawing - a picture of the project will become clear where once there were lines and numbers.  This is NOT an AutoCAD Class.  It starts with the basics everyone has access to.


The course is broken into three sections and an equal amount of time will be dedicated for each topic.


  • Phase I is a basic course in understanding everything you need to know about obtaining the information necessary to navigate a building project. 


  • Phase II will take the information off the blueprint and start to build a proper estimate so you can be assured you will bid correctly to make money.


  • Phase III takes everything we learned in the morning session and helps to create a professional Proposal to submit to your client.


We will finish the day with a discussion on marketing your business by becoming visible to potential customers with inexpensive accessible strategies. 

No previous experience is necessary as we will be discussing everything in a manner that all will be able to understand.  

As always, a healthy choice breakfast and lunch will be provided.  Everything needed  for class will be provided, students currently working on bids with blueprints are welcome to bring them along.

Class will be one full day, upon request from 9:00am to 5:00pm. 

Students will learn the use of tape measures, laser measuring devices, measuring wheels and scale rulers. 

PLEASE NOTE: This course is only offered through this site.  Registration fee includes all materials as well as breakfast, lunch and a T-shirt.

"We often find that those who enroll for our programs are unaware of their own capabilities, and through this course and our others, we intend to change that".

Contact Robert today to get more information 800-914-3078.

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